The Challenge

Overstat is a robust and easy-to-use solution for website analytics, testing and conversion rate optimization. As the company matured, the analytics solution realized it had to elevate its visual identity and web properties to capture more market share. The company also wanted to add new functionality and features to the existing interface, including the user flows necessary to support them.


The Solution

Overstat utilized SocioFabrica’s creative, branding, UI and design expertise to evolve their visual identity and unify the brand experience across collateral and web applications. Overstat's new visual identity included a logo that was optimized for web applications and browsers, while conveying key attributes of the product, and updated colors and typography.

SocioFabrica standardized colors, button styles and text sizes, improved the user experience and user flow on sign-up pages and navigation. The agency helped craft and design the app’s user interface, which overlaid directly on top of web pages, making data analysis more contextually relevant and immediately accessible to users. SocioFabrica also deployed new features, such as A/B Testing and Managing panels, and enhanced usability of Overstat’s existing interface elements.

The Results

SocioFabrica’s branding, research, design and art direction expertise helped Overstat deliver a user experience unlike any other analytics software. The dynamic user interface, combined with the new identity, significantly increased brand visibility and recognition in the web analytics software landscape. New features, like the easy-to-use interface, caught the attention of the analytics software industry and were instrumental to Overstat’s acquisition. Tealeaf cites Overstat's unique ability to provide more context to the user experience as a capability they wanted to acquire (citation). During the acquisition, SocioFabrica continued to work with both Overstat and Tealeaf, playing vital roles for both companies.