StubHub, the leading online marketplace where fans buy and sell tickets, wished to become the online destination for ticketing.  In a crowded and competitive market, engaging ticket buyers and sellers was an ever present challenge.  Hoping to driving event discovery and ticket purchases, StubHub and Sociofabrica teamed up to strengthen their existing website with comprehensive profiles of thousands of venues across the US, Canada and the UK.


The project began by distilling thousands of pages of information from more than 1500 venues.  SocioFabrica’s copywriters and editors curated details from the web and revised the information to present a detailed venue profile and to capture their unique tone.  To support the copywriting workflow, Sociofabrica wrote code for and configured a custom Joomla 2.0 Content Management System.

The CMS systematized data entry, review, approval and exporting, and also included user roles with unique functionality for each role.  Custom field categories for details on facilities, directions, concessions, contact and policies streamlined data entry and the comprehensiveness of each venue page. Integrations for Yelp, Google Maps and seating visualizers further extended visitors ability to immerse themselves in each unique venue. The interface simplified content review, moderation and CSV file export, which StubHub seamlessly imported into their database.


SocioFabrica successfully brought hundreds of venues to life on StubHub’s transaction-focused website.  Their venue guides let ticket buyers and sellers experience the essence of each venue and served up everything visitors would need to know to plan their event. Yelp, Google Maps and seating visualizer integrations improved  engagement, customer acquisition and retention. The custom CMS proved to be an intuitive workflow tool that made the future profile updates a painless process. As a result, StubHub plans to adapt the CMS and Sociofabrica’s workflow to support additional content and functionality updates to their venue pages.