Overstat, a web analytics software company and longtime SocioFabrica client, was acquired by Tealeaf and needed to seamlessly integrate their features into an existing product. This required a revamped user interface to support the existing product’s features, adapting the look and feel of the interface to match Tealeaf’s style and colors, and integrating the Overstat intellectual property into Tealeaf’s codebase.


The integration of Overstat features into Tealeaf’s existing product and the development of a new interface and features included evaluating Tealeaf’s existing user experience, performing user research, developing user personas and mapping the existing architecture. Integration also required supplying recommendations for improving usability and creating wireframes and user interface design. Since both codebases were on the same technological stack - Javascript, C#.NET 4.0, and Sql Server - Overstat needed SocioFabrica’s full-stack development resources to make a speedy integration. Overstat and Tealeaf’s development teams utilized SocioFabrica’s senior creative and tech team to ensure integration was as fast and as painless as possible.


SocioFabrica’s user experience and user interface design and development facilitated a seamless integration of Overstat’s existing features into Tealeaf’s architecture. The interface was redesigned to match Tealeaf’s brand colors and a visual style guide was produced to standardize and scale implementation. The architectural and interface modifications improved usability and scalability, greatly enhancing Tealeaf’s suite of products. These improvements elevated Tealeaf’s reputation within the analytics software industry and attracted the attention of larger companies like IBM. Shortly after the integration, IBM acquired Tealeaf. During the acquisition, Tealeaf worked with SocioFabrica to rebrand and integrate the application into IBM’s Analytics Suite.