• Valuable content was gated behind a login.
  • Did not make information available to mobile audience.
  • The report was dense and did not offer actionable insights.
  • Content strategy favored creating snackable articles.
  • Recommended articles be organized by topics of relevance.


NNTi3, a subdivision of NTT, a global telecommunications company specializing in innovating products and services, sought new industry-facing touch points to showcase their capabilities and expand their client base. Each year, the telecommunications company published a Global Intelligence Threat Report (GTIR) summarizing the top cyber threats from the previous year.  Unfortunately, it was only available as a static 80-page downloadable PDF that was difficult to navigate and browse. In addition to the report, NTTi3 wanted an interactive infographic designed to visualize the cyber threat data they were aggregating. 


A competitive analysis of cyber threats was part of a content strategy that favored dividing the report into shorter articles centered around key topics relevant to the security industry, such as Intelligence, Trending attacks and Recommendations. SocioFabrica examined how NTTi3’s audience consumed content and created a magazine-like responsive portal from the ground up, where insights-driven and action-oriented articles were published, in addition to being made available in print-ready formats.

The portal featured a highly visual, responsive user interface focused primarily on the legibility and accessibility of the articles. To further make the data more intelligible, a series of data visualizations, infographics and responsive tables were created that allowed viewers to compare multiple data sets and identify historical trends. Additionally, a customized and integrated CMS was created to centralize the contributions of data analysts from around the globe and to manage multiple rounds of editing, schedule publishing, and set content gating. 


SocioFabrica’s expertise turned the massive report into an accessible, responsive web magazine that helped position NTTi3 as a thought leader in the industry and increased the relevancy of their products and services. The custom CMS simplified publishing and optimized the workflow of a distributed workforce, streamlining their multi-tiered approval process. Highly focused GTIR articles, an accessible interface and infographics that enhanced the understanding of security data made the portal a powerful online destination for the cyber security industry that continuously attracted visitors and generated new leads.