SocioFabrica was tasked with building a brand for International Bill of Rights (IBOR), an initiative that sought to channel the public’s outrage around human rights atrocities into government action. IBOR was founded by Dr. Kirk Boyd to leverage 20 years of civil rights litigation experience in an effort to promote a peaceful coexistence and global community. SocioFabrica joined forces with IBOR to create a visual and verbal identity so compelling that governments, individuals and businesses would adopt a legally enforceable Global Bill of Rights that extended fundamental human rights to all.


Over six months, SocioFabrica worked closely with International Bill of Rights to create memorable messaging and visuals that symbolized the movement's ideals across various languages. Brand building began with an exhaustive competitive analysis of the nonprofit, crowdfunding and cause landscape, offering an overview of various organizations and their values as well as highlighting many grassroots organizing strategies. During this process, the team discovered that people were overwhelmingly outraged by pervasive human rights violations, but felt powerless to stop them, despite the historic trend of people sparking social change by pressuring their governments.


With an understanding of the brand’s existing opportunities and an overview of the social movement landscape, SocioFabrica conducted stakeholder interviews to uncover IBOR’s core mission, strengths and unique differentiators. These interviews revealed that the organization was uniquely positioned to offer a proactive solution to combat human rights violations with a movement in support of a Bill of Rights that people could rally behind. We then crafted positioning that aligned those strengths with the organization’s philanthropic vision of tangible goals for social change.

The first step in redefining the brand identity included a new name - IBOR became Unite for Rights. Next, we mapped out a tone-of-voice, crafted messaging touchpoints and designed the brand’s visual identity. The identity and messaging was tested on a variety of common scenarios, including co-branding, outreach materials, digital media and print.


SocioFabrica developed a cohesive brand expression that united individuals, businesses and governments in a framework for enforceable fundamental human rights across the globe. Our solution required renaming the organization to Unite for Rights and rebranding with compelling messaging that would help them inspire at least 10% of humanity to sign a Global Bill of Rights. The Global Bill of Rights (GBOR) document was divided into bite-sized Articles that could be easily shared online and styled it into a polished booklet that could be used to jump start the movement.

Rebranded visuals and messaging were applied to a website that served as the primary touchpoint for the movement. SocioFabrica created a home for the Global Bill of Rights’ Articles and Pledge, where users could sign and share to show their support. The pledge concept allowed Unite for Rights to visualize their momentum to governments and groups like the United Nations. The refreshed logo stood out on a variety of applications - websites, business cards, stationery, presentations, merchandise and GBOR booklet cover - visually unifying the movement for intergovernmental legislative reform.

Branding Iterations

Branding Iterations