If you are joining any local demonstration to protest police brutality and racial injustice, we have some posters you can download and print. Or you can hang them in your window.


Black lives matter.


These three words carry so much meaning. SocioFabrica stands in solidarity with our Black communities and those on the front lines. We stand against the systems that led to the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and so many more. We vow to speak against systemic violence and oppression.

We created these posters because we want to share strong and actionable messages of equality. We hope to inspire even more people to speak up and speak out in this movement— let’s keep this going.

We created each poster using bold type and a black and white palette so that they are both legible and striking from a distance. There is no color used because we did not want to distract from the gravity of the message. This also makes them accessible for those who do not have color printer access.

The list of names shows the breadth of the problem America has. Listing the names of several (but not all!) of the victims makes the sign feel like a memorial—which gives it a unique focus and clarity. When faced with this list of names, there isn’t any ambiguity—the moral imperative is clear. This list shows the magnitude of the issue, particularly for those who have turned a blind eye to it in the past.
The waving black flag is a symbol of resistance, determination, and mourning. The message is a call to action. Together we must stand against racism. Enough is enough.

We chose this message to encourage people—especially those who have been reluctant in the past—to speak up for what’s right. The words “inspire change” are held inside the universal symbol for equality.


Our agency has an activism policy that allows employees to take time off to support any cause they wish. We encourage all our employees to use their voices to speak out against systemic violence and oppression and to find ways to make permanent changes in our communities to actively combat racism.

Not everyone can be on the front lines, but please consider making donations, writing to your local leaders, researching local organizations, and finding ways to assist them in their mission, as well as having conversations with your community, coworkers, and family. This article has a list of excellent resources for further education, and this advocacy toolkit points us toward safer community policing.


Our team has already donated over $3,000 to local and national causes, and we encourage you to consider donating as well.