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Big 5 Sporting Goods is one of America’s top retailers of name brand sporting goods and accessories, with over 400 locations spread across the western U.S. In 2018, they asked SocioFabrica for help streamlining their email campaign production. At that time, Big 5 was designing three to five emails per week, constructing the entire template as a set of JPEGs. They found it challenging to create personalized content at the necessary speed and scale.
We knew that the majority of Big 5’s emails were opened on mobile devices so we wanted to optimize the mobile experience in addition to creating efficiencies in the production of the almost-daily email campaigns. By using relational tables to feed dynamic content and live text to replace text that was previously within images, we streamlined their process and made emails more readable when image-blocking occurred.
Words From Our Client
“Thanks to SocioFabrica we were able to improve our dynamic email CTR by 21% and cut process timeline from two hours to three minutes.”

– Sergey Y. Solorzano, Sr. Email Manager – Big 5 Sporting Goods

We rebuilt Big 5’s email template using responsive HTML and dynamic content which allowed them to automatically populate an email with uploaded assets. By tapping into their email service provider’s dynamic functionality using relational tables, the template remains static while product images, pricing, and marketing copy are easily updated by uploading a file with the new deal details. We also added live text to the template so that marketing messages are delivered even if email images don’t load or are blocked by email clients.
After retooling the Big 5 template, the dynamic email CTR improved by 21% and the time it took to get the email built went from 2 hours to 3 minutes, a 98% decrease in effort that saves valuable work hours. The changes also enabled Big 5 to adopt and scale automation across their entire email marketing ecosystem and set the foundation for Big 5 to utilize the additional personalization and segmentation features offered by their email service provider.


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