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McNevin Cleaning, a well-known commercial cleaning agency, needed a new website to clearly explain their multi-tiered service offerings to prospective clients. SocioFabrica was asked to update website functionality while streamlining its look and feel, and build a site optimized for SEO and SEM campaigns.
We interviewed stakeholders to understand the main business goals, conducted customer research, and mapped out the customer journeys. We found that prospects didn’t understand which specific types of commercial cleaning services McNevin offered and they couldn’t figure out how to book those services. Our site audit revealed that contact information was hard to find and the site lacked clear calls-to-action. The website text did not showcase the breadth and depth of their expertise and the images didn’t convey their meticulous attention to detail.
Our new site structure responded directly to customer needs and addressed the key motivations for prospects seeking commercial cleaning services: creating and maintaining healthy spaces and preparing for events. We developed a value proposition that succinctly described the benefit of their services to prospects: Healthy spaces, clean vibes. 

Since some prospects were confused whether McNevin’s services were suitable for them, we frontloaded information to make the site’s content more relevant to each prospect’s experience.

We streamlined McNevin’s service offerings to help prospects quickly find information and added clear calls-to-action and next steps to drive prospects down the funnel to become customers. 

We created a library of images that showcased their finished work and helped them kickstart a blog to highlight their cleaning expertise. Existing clients rave about the quality of their services, so we interspersed client testimonials to boost their credibility and showcased the brands and high quality clients they typically work with.

Since launching the new responsive site, McNevin has benefited from a 2x increase in traffic which translated into more inbound leads. Traffic to the Contact Us page increased 8x over the previous site’s traffic. The streamlined site got people to where they needed to go 45% faster, and the bounce rate decreased 36%.
Words From Our Client
“The team at SocioFabrica was great to work with and we’re extremely happy with the finished product.”
– Nate Osgood, VP – Project Management


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