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Mercer Advisors Website Redesign

Mercer Advisors, a financial services institution, is rapidly expanding their wealth management business. They turned to SocioFabrica to optimize the customer experience on their website as a key strategy for growing their market share. Our goal was to improve the website by turning it into a direct selling channel that would streamline the experience for potential customers and help Mercer Advisors sustain their growth trajectory.
After we performed an initial audit and comprehensive competitive analysis, we mapped out prospective customer journeys and outlined major areas for improvement‍. Together with a partner SEO agency, we defined a content strategy that would maximize organic search reach as well as inform and delight customer prospects.
Solution: Optimizing site and streamlining customer experience
We defined a design system to optimize the production and implementation of new site content— standardizing type treatments, setting consistent link styles, and expanding their image and graphics library.

We designed, developed, and implemented new site templates, pages, and content in a highly customizable CMS so that updates and maintenance would be as turnkey as possible for the client.

We streamlined the customer journey by clarifying and expanding Mercer Advisors’ service offering and highlighting at what stage in a customer’s life these services made the most sense. We renamed content tags, restructured content filters, and helped remap existing content to tie directly back to the services provided.
Words From Our Client
“Thanks for all of the hard work. The site looks great!”
– Sarena, Director of Marketing
Solution: Expanding customer base
We also helped pilot new initiatives focusing on a growing and largely ignored audience in the high net worth financial services: women. Unlike other financial firms, over 40% of Mercer’s financial advisors are women — almost double the industry average— who understand and empathize with this underserved audience. By tailoring the website’s customer journey and highlighting topics women care about, we created a highly engaging experience that has helped capture this growing audience.
Since optimizing the site, there has been a 68% increase in visits to the Talk with an Advisor page, the main page to get prospects into the sales funnel. There has also been a 49% increase in traffic to the Contact Us page, and a 50% increase in phone calls from the updated website. Targeted content is paying dividends as well, with an 8% increase in traffic from women to the website after launching the Women & Wealth page. Not only did our work increase conversion, but we helped them streamline their marketing efforts by restructuring content and cleaning up their site architecture.
Words From Our Client
“Thanks for all of the hard work. The site looks great!”
– Sarena, Director of Marketing


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